High Energy and Particles physics - general

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Specific HEP pages

HEP institutions
  HEP organizations - a list of HEP institutes.
CERN - European Laboratory for Particle physics.
DESY and DESY Zeuthen.
SLAC - Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.
Novosibirsk - Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics.
Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Particle Physics in the UK - a site full of info.

HEP data
  Particle Data Group - the Bible for any particle physicist.
SLAC Spires - searchable HEP publications database.
HEP Data - extensive data on structure functions, reactions etc., from Durham University.
Online HEP Info - experiments, institute, people, data, educational sites; maintained by PDG and SLAC.

HEP journals and online publications
  Homepages of HEP journals
Physical Review D and Physical Review Letters - online version.
Nuclear Physics Electronic.
European Physical Journal C - the successor to Zeitschrift fuer Physik C.
Physics Letters B .
NIMR A - Nuclear Instruments and Methods of Physics Research A.

  Other relevant journals
JETP and JETP Letters - online version.
Reviews of Modern Physics - online.
Physics Reports .

  Online journals and services
XXX e-print archive .
SLAC Spires - searchable HEP publications database.
Journal of High Energy Physics - completely online journal.

Meetings, conferences
  SLAC Spires - Conferences - search a conference by a keyword.
Conference Calendar by TIPTOP - always up-to-date.
Coming and Past HEP events - list of HEP conferences, workshops, schools .

General tutorials, educational sites
  Particle Adventure Tour - an interactive intro into Particle Physics.
CPEP - Contemporary Physics Education Project.
EPP - Elementary Particle Physics, an excellent online lectures course: from particles and their quantum number to GUT and quantum gravity.
HEP educational sites by PDG - an excellent collection.
HEP Made Painless- a nice collection of short articles on particles physics and accelerators written in *plain* English.
Fermilab Educational - a collection of HEP resources for school level students.
Virtual Visitor Center from SLAC - a nicely presented tour into particle physics.
Particle Physics - very good and large set of online lectures.