Experimental Particle Physics - Future Projects

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Linear e+e- colliders and muon colliders
NLC - the Next Linear Collider project.
Muon Collider - an official site from FNAL.
  Advanced topics
NLC Zeroth order Design Project - the most detailed information source on the Next Linear Collider project; available in ps.Z or pdf formats.
Second interaction region for gamma-gamma and electron-gamma collisions - a part of the above report: a review on photon colliders, emphasis on both physics opportunities and technical design.
Worldwide Study of Future e+e- Colliders - an official site devoted to the physics and technics of future linear colliders.
CLIC - the proposal on Compact Linear Collider - a challenging project of a 3 TeV 1000 fb/yr e+e- collider.
Progress in Photon Colliders - transparencies from a summary talk at LC97.
Muon Collider: Introduction and Status (physics/9802005), 25pp. - review on muon collider projects.
JLC - Japanese Linear Collider project at KEK.

Hadron and neavy ion colliders
LHC - Large Hadron Collider.
VLHC - the Very Large Hadron Collider; general introduction.
LHC detectors: ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHC-B.
  Advanced topics
LHC-B Experiment - another HUGE online set of nodes, LHC-B Letter of Intent. Invaluable source on detector details.
VLHC - the Very Large Hadron Collider, a post-LHC era machine; 100 TeV, 100 fb/yr; general and technical info.
RHIC - Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider homepage.
RHIC parameters - several online table.

Neutrino telescopes
AMANDA - an official homepage of Antarctic Muon and Neutrino Detector Array.
  Advanced topics
AMANDA - neutrino telescope deep in the antarctic ice; a brief online report.
Baikal Neutrino Telescope .