Electroweak theory and Standard Model

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Standard Model and Electroweak interactions
A brief definition of the Standard Model and Electroweak interactions - but with lots of dead links.
What is the Standard Model? - the Particle Adventure Tour by PDG.
Particles and their quantum numbers - from EPP lectures.
Field theory an Standard Model (!) (hep-ph/9812496),69 pp, by Novikov, - an outstanding review of what is SM, what QFT ideas are involved, properties of W, Z and Higgs bosons are analyzes.
Online Feynman rules - from a personal collection.
  Advanced topics
CORE - COmpendium of RElations (hep-ph/9507456) - 110 pages of formulas useful in theoreticla particle physics including Pauli, Gell-Mann, Dirac matrices calculus, full SM lagrangian and Feyman rules, kinematics, matrix elements, cross sections and decay rates etc..
Particle Data - PS files from PDG, full coverage.
The Standard Model (hep-ph/9812285), 25 pp. - a good review on cornerstones of SM with discussion on high precision tests and future directions.
LEP Electroweak results - data, plots, talks, reports etc.
Collider Physics (hep-ph/9902307), 48pp. - a large review on physics (both SM and beyond) at different types of colliders.

Weak interactions
Weak interactions - Fermi theory, weak interaction classification, neutral currents, Cabibbo mixing, CKM matrix; by EPP.
Neutral Kaons - the physics of neutral kaon decays, kaon-antikaon oscillations, regeneration, parity violation in kaon decays; by EPP.
  Advanced topics

Neutrino physics
From CERN: What is neutrino?, How neutrino mass can be measured?, What are neutrino oscillations?, And how can they be observed??.
Neutrino physics - by neutrino astrophysics issues and neutrino oscillations, direct mass measurement experiments; by EPP.
Evidence for Massive Neutrinos by SuperKamiokande coll., - a likely discovery of neutrino mass.
Neutrino physics - a fairly good introduction, however a bit technical and old (1995).
  Advanced topics
Z0 width calculation and the number of neutrino families - an online report, detailed and readable.
AMANDA - neutrino telescope in Antarctica.
Neutrino oscillations an extensive list of hep papers.
Phenomenology of neutrino oscillations (hep-ph/9812360) 109pp..

CP violation
Neutral Kaons - CP violation in kaon decays; by EPP.
What is an axion? - a explanation of the need for axion as a solution of strong CP problem.
  Advanced topics
CP violation and future B-factories - a brief lecture course with emphasis on future experiments.
CP violation - a bit technical overview, with emphasis on B decays.
Prospect on measuring CP violation in D decays .
QCD, Strong CO and Axions - (hep-ph/9606475), By R.Peccei - long standing and still unresolved problem of CP non-violation in strong interactions.
CP violation in B decays - (hep-ph/9904271), 50pp, by Y.Nir.
Estimating epsilon'/epslion. A review - (hep-ph/9802405), 41pp. - the present status and perspectives.

Higgs fields
Higgs boson: one page explanation - what the Higgs boson is and why it makes life easier.
Higgs mechanism - how it works in theory.
Higgs field and spontaneous symmetry breaking.
Field theory an Standard Model (!) (hep-ph/9812496),69 pp, by Novikov, - among other things, Higgs potential and mechanism, Higgs boson mass, decays, interaction are analyzes.
Introduction into Electrweak smmetry breaking (hep-ph/9901280), 90 pp. - another excellent review on Higgs physics.
Where is the Higgs boson? (!) (hep-ph/9812493),31 pp, by M.Krawcyk, - a very informative, readable and up-to-date review of Higgs field adn Higgs boson properties, in SM, in MSSM, in 2HDM, and their experimental status are discussed.
  Advanced topics
Electroweak symmetry breaking and Higgs physics by Spira and Zerwas (hep-ph/9803257), 70pp. - a wonderful review on Higgs boson physics, both SM and supersymmetric. Includes Higgs mechanics, main properties, decays, production, experimental data etc.
Higgs boson: complete discovery by Ginzburg (hep-ph/9812367), 13pp. - Higgs boson discovery and exploration at different types of future colliders.
Higgs boson decay to vector mesons (hep-ph/9807536), 24pp. - VV on and off-shell decays, effective couplings, SM and extentions..
Higgs decay and production - Fortran programs for calculating SM and supersymmetric Higgs bosons and production rates .