High Energy and Particle Physics - Experimental

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Accelerator physics
Why do we need to accelerate particles? - an excerpt from Particle Adventure Tour.
Linear Colliders - an easy and colorful introduction into what linear e+e- colliders can discover; from KEK.
  Advanced topics
Experimental Methods and Colliders - parameters of many machines; ps or pdf files from PDG.
Accelerator physics - an online course by CERN; a very comprehensive source, emphasis on theory: linear optics, beam trajectories, betatron oscillations, magnetic and electric field configuration.
Resources in Accelerator Physics from Los Alamos; a large listing of technical info about accelerators and their components; goes into much detail and has many dead links.

Detector devices
What are detectors? - an excerpt from Particle Adventure Tour.
Paricle Detectors and their main components; from SLAC VVC.
OPAL Detector in LEP - a very good and easy tour into the structure of a modern detector.
  Advanced topics
Particle Detector Briefbook online - a quick reference source on detector components and related terms .
Recent results on GaAs detectors - a set of online nodes.

Current experiments
World's largest accelerators - a snapshot.
Stanford Linear Accelerator for beginners; from SLAC VVC.
Current experiments at SLAC.
D0 Physics Summaries - a very interesting site: all complicated results from D0 collaboration at Fermilab are explained in plain English.
  Advanced topics
LEP operation - operation schedule, statistics, info.
LEP experiments , among other - ALEPH, DELPHI, L3, and OPAL experiments.
Online experiments database - info on many separate experiments at HEP centers.
FermiLab at work and TeVatron Run II .
Physics at DESY .