Quantum Statistics and Bose-Einstein Condensation

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Statistics in quantum phenomena
Candle dance and Atoms - a purely topological analogue of identical particle wavefunction.
Quantum mechanical primer - includes several lectures on indentical particles and quantum statistics.
  Advanced topics
Quantum statistical mechanics - several online nodes.

Many-electron systems
Hartree-Fock method - selfconsistent field approach to many-electron atoms.
Quantum mechanical primer - includes several lectures on electron gases etc..
  Advanced topics
Many-electron problem - several pages with just outline of different approaches.

Bose-Einstein condensation
Bose-Einstein condensation helps slow down the speed of light! - read about recent discovery.
Tutorial on BEC - theory, experiment and few words about atom lasers.
When atoms become waves - an excellent online tutorial, talks about statistcis, BEC and ways to cool atoms down.
Bose-Einsten Condensation and The Atom Laser- popular articles by G. Cramer.
Bose-Einstein Condensation - an excellent friendly tutorial with lots of Java demostrations from Physics 2000.
BEC FAQ - in PS format.
  Advanced topics
BEC papers - a huge collection of technical papers.
Making, probing and Understanding Bose-Einstein Condensates - (cond-mat/9904034), 90pp. - a wonderful review in a very accessible style .