Quantum Physics - General

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Other Quantum pages

Quantum Theory - basic tutorials
Quantum Physics - very introductory lectures: Bohr atom, particle-wave duality etc. and the same in a bit more technical language.
  Advanced topics
Measurement in QM FAQ - by Paul Budnik.
'H is for h-bar' - a quantum dictionary; not complete but has some interesting discussions.

Quantum Reality - Ground and Interpretations
Interpretations of QM - a slide show.
  Advanced topics
Copenhagen interpretation - the original Bohr's interpretation of QM.
Quantum Theory without observers - an online paper by Sh. Goldstein and its critics.
Transactional Interpretation of QM - a paper by J. Cramer.
Everett FAQ - Many Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.

Quantum Phenomena
Quantum Teleportation - in simple words.
EPR and Bell's inequality - an authoritative introduction.
Casimir force - briefly.
Fractional Hall effect - the Nobel winning research.
  Advanced topics
Quantum Hall effect - by Y. Qui..
EPR effect and more on EPR effect - by J.Sarfatti.
Bibliography on Casimir effect by J. Babb.
Several lectures on Casimir effect .
The theory of Casimir effect (hep-th/9901011), 55pp. by K.Milton.