Superconductivity and Superfluidity

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Superconductors: general
  Introductory - the best site to start: history,explanations,data,news etc.
Superconductivity - site includes introduction, theories, uses, quiz etc..
High-temperature Superconductivity - a one-page introduction.
Superconductivity - an article from Suite101, by J. Winkler..
High-Tc superconductivity - research and education oriented site.
  Advanced topics
A Guide to Superconductivity - with history, theoretical overview, and technology.
Superconductor temperatures - data from WebElements.
High-Tc update - the Superconductivity Information Center.
Superconductivity concepts - an interesting visual representation.
Superconductors - a rather large online node set; from Carleton Univ.
High Temperature Superconductivity - cond-mat/9802202; overview of current status of research.

Superconductivity: theory
Superconductivity theory: background .
  Advanced topics
Where are we in the theory of High Temperature Superconductors? - cond-mat/9906183; 7pp..

Superfluidity - an article from Suite101, by J.Winkler.
Superfluidity and Quantized Vertices - by E.Thuneberg; follow links.
What is Superfluidity? - a short introduction.
  Advanced topics
Superfluid 3He: a Laboratory Model System of Quantum Field Theory - cond-mat/9809125; 57pp..
Pair Correlations in Superfluid Helium 3 - cond-mat/9706100; 11pp.; lectures.
Third sound in He-3 - a new tool of probing unconventional superfluidity.