Optical spectroscopy and Radiation

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Different sources of Radiation
Nature of Light - what is light, continuous spectrum, black-body radiation.
Light Sources - spectra of different types of light sources; a chapter from the online version of the Light Measurement Handbook.
Nature of Light and Absorption and Emission - introductory lectures by J. Watson.
Absorption and emission spectra - what's the difference?.
Light Emission - slides explaining what is fluorescence, luminescence, phosphorescence, incandescence etc.
Physics 2000 project - with several topics on X rays, light and spectroscopy.
Sonoluminescence - an enigmatic little-understood phenomenon.
What causes St. Elmo's fire? - from Scientific American.
  Advanced topics
Lamps - light from usual, discharge and hollow cathode lamps.
Sonoluminescence - description and observation techniques.
Radiation Sources - a wonderful website; describes properties of both spectrally continuous and spectrally narrow sources.
Photonics Dictionary - simply huge quick reference dictionary of terms related to light or EM phenomena.

Gateway to Spectroscopy - a very large site about spectroscopy.
Introduction to Spectroscopy - colorful lectures by T.Cafolla; explains Einstein coefficients, line widths etc..
Tutorial on Spectroscopy and related phenomena - enlightens several interesting aspects; too much graphics.
What is a Xray spectrum? - an plain language explanation from LBL.
Infra-red absorption spectroscopy - a short introductory course.
  Advanced topics
Atomic spectroscopy - a large educational site.
Spectroscopy - a larger set of online lecture notes by T. Cafolla; covers vibrational, rotational and Raman spectroscopy.
Spectroscopy on Internet - a very large list of links related to IR and sub-IR spectroscopy - spectra databases, research groups, online publications, tutorials, newsgroups etc.
The Optics of Spectroscopy - a large online tutorial on technical information of optical spectrometry.
Spectroscopy - a very rich site on intrumentation, methods and techniques of experimental spectroscopy; by SciMedia.
X-spectrum of elements in periodic table - database from LBL.
Atomic transitions - theory from SciMedia.
Spectroscopy of Minerals .
The Basic Infrared Spectroscopy - a online tutorial.