Solid State Physics and Semiconductors

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Solid state physics - general resources
Lexicon of Semiconductor Physics terms - a nice collection of quick references.
Solid state physics - a brief course from Carleton Univ.
Solid State Physics: Interactive learning - a promising site; has several interesting Java applets.
Chemistry of Solids - several slides on Fermi level and work function.
Java Applets on Solid State Materials - a very good collection.
  Advanced topics
TCAD Journal - an online journal; has papers on semiconductor technology .
Solid State Physics: Problems and Solutions - a huge online book full with problems various branches of solid state and semiconductor physics. Unfortunately, solutions are not given in the online version.
Solid State Physics - a rich and detailed online course.

Physics of Semiconductors
Principles of Solid State Physics - a part of online report; touches doping and p and n type semiconductors.
Electron Bands in Solids - a brief lecture course from Univ of Carleton.
  Advanced topics
QMC calculations of electron excitations - a large online PhD thesis; has some interesting points on many-electron excitations in solids.
Electronic structure in amorphous semiconductors - a large online paper.

Diodes, transistors, chips
Chip technology at IBM - a very interesting site!
The Unusual Diode FAQ - by M. Chudobiak.
Semiconductor Industry - an article from Scientific American.
Science Concepts behind High Technology - a nice online tutorial; includes lectures on transistors.
Simulation of Silicon Processing and Basic Semiconductor Theory- how chips are cooked.
  Advanced topics
Single-electron devices and circuits - a large online dissertation.
Principles of semiconductor devices - a large set of lectures; physics of p-n junction; different types of transistors, etc.
Sub-one-tenth micron transistors - from IBM research group.
Integrated semiconductors technology analysis - a large online dissertation by Ch. Pichler.
Modern Physics II - a course from Univ of Carleton, several lectures on semiconductor devices.

Nanotechnology at IBM - from STM to carboc nanotubes.
Diminishing dimentions - a feature article from Scientific American.
Introduction to Microelectronic Fabrication - a very good tutorial.
Turning to the Nanoworld - a paper from Nature Science Update.
  Advanced topics
Nanotechnology - pointers to journals, research groups, sites.
Nanoworld Image Gallery .