Relativity and Gravitation

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Newtonian gravity
What is gravity? - by Patricia Schwarz.
Kepler's laws and Newton's laws without calculus - an extensive site.
  Advanced topics

Relativity: concepts and special relativity theory
Relativity on the Web - a unique collection of links on relativity. Covers everything - from tensor calculus to animated relativity, from undergraduate lecture notes to usenet discussion groups.
Usenet Relativity FAQ - your first reading on relativity.
Relativity tutorial by Ned Wright.
Special relativity - detailed and clear; by A. Hamilton.
The Light-cone - an illuminating introduction into relativity; contains several nice applets; By R. Salgado.
Relativity and Faster-than-light travel FAQ - a huge site!
  Advanced topics
Relativity - the online version of original Einstein book; by Erk Living Reviews on Relativity - an excellent online educational journal.

General relativity theory and gravitation
Spacetime 101 - a gentle introduction into basics of GR.
General Relativity - by Erk.
Orbits in strongly curves space-time - intructive Java applet by J. Walker.
  Advanced topics
General relativity tutorial by John Baez.
Nature of space and time - lectures by Stephen Hawking in ps format.

Black holes
For immediate answers - see Black holes part of Usenet relativity FAQ .
How do we see black holes? - by J. Blondin.
Falling into a Black Hole - really nices animations with detailed explanatory text.
Introduction to black holes - from Cambridge cosmology group.
  Advanced topics
The thermodynamics of black holes - online paper by G. Felder and C. Stebbins.
Geometry around black holes - movies and some theory.
Special topics on black holes - a collection of Mathematica 3.0 notebooks.