Plasma Physics

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Plasma physics organizations
  Plasma on the Internet - a very large list of plasma related institutions, sorted by country.
Who is who in Atomic and Plasma Physics - a free searchable database.
JET Project Website - Joint European Torus undertaking.
Physics of Plasmas online.
Conferences in Atomic and Plasma physics .

Theoretical aspects
Plasma - a very nice site; discusses plasma theories, waves, instabilities in not so technical language.
Plasma frequency - a quick derivation.
Plasma properties - a wonderful introduction; different levels and detailed information.
  Advanced topics
NRL Plasma Formulary - a mini-Bible for plasma physicists; available in PS, PDF or TeX formats.
Fast particle interaction with Alvfen waves in Tokamaks - a PhD thesis; might be useful...

Experimental Plasma physics and Fusion
Fusion - what's that?.
Fusion: Creating a Star on Earth - a slide show for 7-12 grade students.
Fusion - another site for middle and high school students.
Guided Tour on Plasma and Fusion - a very good introduction in the topic.
Virtual Tokamak - a couple of interesting Java applets on plasma stability and drift.
  Advanced topics