Geometrical Optics

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Laws of geometrical optics
Geometrical optics - a chapter from a lecture course.
Geometrical optics - from Encyclopedia Britannica.
Geometrical optics - from Mobius laser archive.
  Advanced topics
Optical properties of materials - from Almaz Optics.
Hamilton's Papers on Geometrical Optics - online archive.

Lenses and their applications
Geometrical optics II : applications - oline lecture course.
Lenses, mirrors and Prizms - a chapter from tutorial Light and Optics.
Refraction and the Ray model of light - very detailed lecture course; lenses.
Reflection and the Ray model of light - very detailed lecture course; mirrors.
Prizms - very impressive Java applet.
  Advanced topics
Molecular expressions - an excellent site devoted to microscopy: galleries, history, personals, and wonderful selection of Java applets.
Optical aberrations - a part of the above site.
Lens Design - encyclopedic site on lenses and lens systems.
Optical fibres - how light behaves in an optical fibre.
The Ronchi Test - testiing of optical systems.

Geometrical optics in the Outdoors
The mathematics of rainbow - a lecture course.
Mirage - mirages and their causes.
  Advanced topics