Classical Mechanics

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High-school classical mechanics
Save up to 40% on your textbooks at!
Guide to Motion Mountain - this fascinating online textbook will simply capture your attention! Hundreds of pages on classical mechanics and very easy style! (in pdf format)
Kinematics and dynamics for beginners.
Learn Physics Today - a beautiful and professionally done web site; true online textbook.
Introductory Physics with first half devoted to mechanics.
Physics 131 - mechanics lecture course.
Projectile motion and Two-dimentional collisions - Java applets from Vigninia Univ.
Mechanics course online a good tutorial fromMCasco Associates.
Introduction to Physics I - a beautiful, detailed, easy to follow web based course.
  Advanced topics
Simple harmonic motion - an interactive site.

University level: lagrangian and hamiltonian dynamics
Lagrangian Mechanics, Hamilton Mechanics, Hamilton-Jacobi equation, - a brief outline, from Tennessi Univ.. See also Archive of mechanics problems with detailed solutions and Tabulation of commonly used tools to remind you some useful formulas - an excellent site!
Classical Mechanics (physics/9909035), 131 pp., graduate course on classical mechanics.
  Advanced topics
Structure, Stability and Dynamics of Self-gravitating system - online lectures: though with some inclination towards astrophysics, it cover many interesting mechanics issues.
Hamilton-Jacobi equation - an article by J.Winkler.
Hamilton, Lagrangian for simple oscllators - an article in three parts by J.Winkler.

Simple harmonic motion - an interactive site.
Oscillations in biology - the famous prey and predator problem.
  Advanced topics
Oscillation demonstractions - Java applets: from simple pendulum to Poincare mapping.
A wonderful tutorial on analytical solution of Oscillators with 1 or 2 degrees of freedom, of Coupled oscillators and of Vibrations of a String as weel as other topics on System Dynamics .
The Pendulum Lab - an excellent site, includes The Lecture Room (equations of motion, oscillations and resonances, nonlinear dynamics etc.) and The Lab with wonderfull collection of Java animated pendulums.

Rigid body motion
Rotational dynamics - looks like calculus-heavy but in fact quite thorough and student-friendly.
Why does a top stand up when spinning? and Why does a spinning top sometimes turn over? - from New Scientist.
Gyroscopes - the whole web site is devoted to gyros, their behavior and applications.
  Advanced topics
Rigid body motion - equations of motoin, Euler angles etc..
Rotational dynamics - a large outline of rotational dynamics by E. Weisstein; follow links.