Unusual Liquids

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Liquid Crystalls
What is Liquid Crystal? .
Polymers and Liquid Crystals - a virtual texbook.
  Advanced topics
Liquid Crystal Displays - online lectures.
The Blue Phases - several nodes on defects in liquid crystals and homotopy theory.
Liquid crystal database - from EEVL, Edinburg.

Non-newtonian Liquids and Glassy materials
Is glass liquid or solid? - from Usenet FAQ.
Glass: liquid or Solid? Science vs. urban legend .
Flow of supercooled liquid - or are windowpanes really thicker at bottom than at top?.
Rheology - an introduction to funny liquids.
Non-newtonian fluids and many other entries: from Oilfield Glossary .
  Advanced topics
Rheology - an excellent introduction into non-newtonian liquids; pseudoplastic, viscoelastics and many other strange liquids.
Viscoelasticity of Polymers - a chapter from a polymer textbook.
Viscoelasticity models - a slide-show.