Physics of Lasers

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General laser physics resources
The Laser Adventure - a wonderful and rich site about lasers.
Mobius Laser Archive - an online tutorial.
Laser History .
Laser light from Eta Carina - discovery of laser light from unstable star!.
  Advanced topics
Introduction to Lasers - an excellent online tutorial! from LEOT.
LaserNet - Rockwell Laser Industries.
Photonics Dictionary - simply huge quick reference dictionary of terms related to light or EM phenomena.
Sam's Laser FAQ - everything about home-built lasers; very large and comprehensive.

Coherent light generation
Light Amplification - a page from a larger laser tutorial.
Laser Tutorial - explanation of how lasers work in 5 pages.
Lasing action - what happens when light goes through medium; from LEOT course.
  Advanced topics
Optical cavities and Modes of oscillation - from LEOT course.

Laser light properties
Laser Speckle image - a photo of speckle pattern with some comments.
  Advanced topics
Temporal and spacial characteristics of lasers - from LEOT.
Speckle Interferometry and Autocorrelations - mathematics beyond image restoration via speckle interferometry.
Speckle interferometry and Knox-Thompson interferometry by Eric.
Laser Induced Fluorescence - a page from SciMedia.
Optical phase conjugation and Four-wave mixing - online doctoral thesis.

Amateur Holography - a site intended for anyone wishing to make his or her own hologram.
A Guide to Practical Holography - a good online tutorial.
Atomic Holograms - Physical Review Focus: x-ray holography of atoms.
  Advanced topics

Classical types of lasers
Lasers - a very good online tutorial on laser physics, types of lasers.
Types of lasers - a good explanation and pictures; from SciMedia.
Laser Fundamentals - a page from Univ of Waterloo.
  Advanced topics
Laser classification and characteristics - from LEOT tutorial.
Argon Gas Laser system .
HeNe laser: a case study - from LEOT tutorial.

Other types of lasers
Semiconductor lasers .
N2-Dye Laser - a brief online slide show.
Gamma ray laser - concept, history and basic properties.
X ray laser sources - a very good page on X ray lasers and their applications.
Laser in tune with itself - an article from Scientific American about multiwavelength lasers.
Quantum Cascade Laser - from Scientific American.
Single atom laser - microlaser research at MIT, several papers are available.
Superconductors Imitate Lasers - Physical Review Focus: Josephson junction arrays as masers.
  Advanced topics
Superbrilliant X-ray laser facility - simply HUGE online set of nodes containing everything about X ray lasers - from coherent nuclear scattering to X ray laser applications.
A table of currently operating FELs around the world and WWW Virtulal Library FEL page.

Lasers in technology
Laser scissors and tweezers - an article from Scientific American.
Making light work - manufacturing precisely shaped metal parts.
Highways of light - feeding aircrafts with power through laser beam?
Lasers and their applications -- a very large page.
  Advanced topics