Static Fluid Properties

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General Liquid Properties
Fluid Statics, Viscosity and Surface Tension from Boston Univ.
Liquid Properties - a table on physical and chemical parameters of many liquids.
Fluid properties calculator - calculates physical parameters of a chosen fluid for chosen temperature.
Static properties of liquids and Fluids - slide show type online lectures.
  Advanced topics
Wetting of structured or imprinted surface - a brief but interesting research report.
Microfluidics - a big article from New Scientist.

Buoyancy Force and Archimedes' principle.
Pascal's Principle.
  Advanced topics
Fliud Statics - a large online course from MIT.
Hydrostatics - a chapter from Astrophysical Gas Dynamics course.

Liquid microstructure
Weirdness of Water - an interesting article from Nature Science Update.
When a Liquid Is Not a Liquid - Physical Review Focus: liquid layers near the sufrace of a solid.
  Advanced topics
Molecular model for Water - a lecture course aimed at water properties simulation.
Structure of Ideal Liquid Water - an online paper.