Fluid Dynamics

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General Fluid dynamics
Fluids in Motion - a lecture on basic properties of fluid dynamics.
CDF and Boundary Layers - good pictures and easy reading.
Tutorial on basic Aeronautics - online lectures.
How aeroplane fly: a physical description of lift - very detailed and readable.
  Advanced topics
Computational Fluid Dynamics Online - a very rich and comprehensive collection; goes in much detail (forbidden?).
HTML Textbook on Fluid dynamics - an excellent website rom MIT; covers majority of topics in fluid dynamics.
Aerodynamics for students - online lectures.
Applied Aerodynamics: digital textbook - an excellent and faily complete online textbook. Contains theory and application.
Helicopter Aerodynamics - several online nodes.
Advanced Topics in Aerodynamics - a large educative site on varios aerodynamics issues.

Drops, flows, streams and jets
Lift and Drag - a lecture on how air streams affect moving bodies.
How a cumulative jet is formed? - one page, several formulas and pictures.
Watching the Faucet Drip - Physical Review Focus: fractal behavior of the drop's break-off point.
Disruption of electrically charged jet - from AIP Graphics.
  Advanced topics
Relativistic hydrodynamics - modern investigations.
Shock Waves and Supersonic Flow - a chapter from Astrophysical Gas Dynamics course.

Turbulence on WWW - a large list of links.
Turbulence: statistical approach - a chapter from Astrophysical Gas Dynamics course.
Tackling Turbulence with Superconputers - a feature article from Scientific American.
Introduction in Turbulence Modelling - nice pictures and easy reading.
Visualization of Richtmyer-Meshkov instability - from CNLS group at LANL.
  Advanced topics
Turbulent Viscous Flow - a chapter of online textbook from MIT.
Experimental Evidence of 2D turbulence - a large online paper.