Crystallography and Solids Structure

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Crystallography and Structure of solids
Interactive Structure Factor tutorial - symmetries in crystallography; Java-heavy.
Important Crystal Structures - some of complicated crystals visualized.
Crystallography 101 - an excellent online tutorial.
Surface Explorer - WWW oriented tool for displaying planes and surfaces.
Structure of Solids - a short and easy online course.
Mechanical models of stress resistivity - several pages from an online dissretation.
  Advanced topics
Teaching Pamphlets - a very informative site: about 20 tutorials on various aspects in crystallography.
Point Groups and Bravais Lattices - downloadable archives.
W3 Virtual Library on Crystallography - a really useful site for professionals.
Lectures on Surface Physics - a fairly thorough online lecture course.
Chemistry of Solids - online and pdf course from MIT.
Introduction to Crystal Physics - a good math-heavy tutorial by IUCr.

Quasicrystals - an excellent online tutorial: properties, experimental methods, glossary etc.
Introduction to Quasicrystals - by Ron Lifshitz.
QuasiTiler 3.0 - an introductory page into quasicrystallic systems with emphasis on geometry rather than physics.
A New Paradigm for the Structure of Quasicrystals - an interesting page.
  Advanced topics
Metallurgy of Quasicrystals .

Methods of solid structure investigation
Bragg's Law and Diffraction - how waves reveal the atomic structure of crystals.
X ray diffraction - an online slide show.
Dynamical X ray diffraction from quasicrystals - a brief online paper.
X ray anomalous scattering .
A non-mathematical introduction to X ray diffraction - a good tutorial from International Union of crystallography.
  Advanced topics
2D and 3D X ray diffraction simulator - downloadable software.
Tutorial X ray and neutron diffraction .