All momenta are taken incoming...

Eeeh... Hold on, hold on...

You guyz may be interested what all that science is for. Well, lots of books are written on that - but - I have something different for you -

An Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics for Kindergarten Kids!

Wondering how these ti-i-i-i-iny particles look like? Are they blue, yellow, or maybe light-magenta? Heard of a mysterious Higgs boson, but cannot figure out what a piece of cake it is? Or maybe fascinated by wierd words like Grand Unified Theories which mean something so strange that a normal human can hardly understand? Well, take a sit and let's start the journey! (Everything is loaded verrry fast!)


Maybe you are crazy about Special Relativity? Then - something very special for you!

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My papers

[1] I.F. Ginzburg, I.P. Ivanov, 'Higgs boson search at photon colliders for MH=140-190 GeV', Phys. Lett. B 408 (1997) 325-330; hep-ph/9704220.
[2] I.F. Ginzburg, I.P. Ivanov, A. Schiller, 'Search for next generations of leptons and quarks at Tevatron and LHC', hep-ph/9802364; submitted to Phys.Rev.Lett.
[3] A.T.Banin, I.F. Ginzburg, I.P. Ivanov, 'Anomalous interactions in Higgs boson production at \gamma\gamma and e\gamma colliders',hep-ph/9806515; sibmitted to Phys. Rev. D .
[4] A.T.Banin, I.F. Ginzburg, I.P. Ivanov, 'CP-odd anomalous interactions in Higgs boson production at photon colliders' - in preparation.

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